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Industria & Commercial Sheds
Ca Showroms & Dealership Buildings

BGi Building Group has experience across various specialist industrial and commercial buildings. Our design and engineering team will collaborate with you to incorporate features that deliver the best result for your business.

Our range of commercial services include:

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Industrial & Commercial Sheds

We will match large access openings, canopies, and door designs to your needs, current and future.


Natural lighting, insulation, and ventilation options form part of the consideration, mezzanine space, and crane loading provisions.

Needs vary dramatically, and at BGi, we have the experience, and the team, to create a solution for every Business.

Our range of commercial sheds is ideally suited but not limited to the following:

  • Warehousing

  • Commercial storage requirements

  • Disaster recovery centres

  • Winery Processing & Barrel Sheds

  • Manufacturing buildings

  • Transport & Logistics Storage Buildings


BGi will create an individualised outcome to suit your business, using Australian BlueScope steel fit for our climate.

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Car Showrooms & Dealership Buildings

BGi has successfully designed and built multiple showrooms and dealerships. We have experience with Toyota, Mitsubishi, Mazda, Hyundai, Volkswagen, Ford, Honda & Kia. 

We understand the importance of corporate brand identity and can tailor design to suit these requirements. 

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BGi are experienced in working with corporate brands and can customise your showroom or dealership building to suit your requirements while keeping the brands core characteristics in each design. 

Whether you are needing to renovate your current site with a drive through service center or extend your showroom or build a completely new showroom or dealership building, BGi can help right from the design and planning stage through to building and fit out. 

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Barossa Valley Cheese Company-1_edited.jpg


To meet the changing needs of retail and enterprise, we can design a space to deliver retail outcomes that are fit for commercial use.

These commercial structures are engineered & designed specifically to suit each business.

BGi design elements include:

  • A range of roof types, including gable and skillion options

  • The full range of Colorbond® colours

  • Horizontal or vertical cladding option


Site-specific design and engineering achieve a unique and customised result and optimal strength and efficiency.

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Self-Storage Sheds

There is no such thing as a standard BGi shed. Every shed we make is based on our rock-solid core design, customised to your exact needs. You can choose any width or height and make it the length you need.

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You can also customise door and window placement and select different wall and roof cladding, colours and finsiehs. It does not matter what you need a storage shed for, we have the ideal solution for you.


At BGi we pride ourselves on delivering the best product for you and an exceptional customer experience with a range of storage options. Our sheds use Australian steel and genuine COLORBOND®, built for harsh Australian conditions and come in an assortment of colours and finishes to suit all applications.

Warehouse & Office 5.jpg
Warehouse & Office 5.jpg

Warehouse & Office

The BGi range of factory and workshop sheds is designed to suit a variety of different building types:

  • Warehouse storage buildings or sheds

  • Production factory buildings or sheds for manufacturing

  • Commercial workshop buildings or sheds (e.g. automotive mechanical)

If you require a mixed-use space, our flexible design system allows for integrating internal walls and mezzanine flooring to create raised first-floor offices and various access points.