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Car Sheds
Custom Design Sheds

BGi can work with you to enhance your property's style, function and value by adding a new garage, carport, shed or workspace.

The BGi range of domestic sheds blend versatility with practicality. BGi sheds come in various gable, flat, skillion and truss roof styles and offer customisation and optional extras. Whether you are looking for extra storage space or a spot in your backyard to have a man cave or rumpus room, our garage and tool sheds are fully customisable to suit your needs and space.


There are several options to customise your ideal shed:

  • Dimensions

  • Roof style

  • Windows

  • Skylights

  • Sliding doors

  • Roller doors

  • Colour


BGi sheds offer the option of a full range of Colorbond® colours to customise the look of your shed, ranging from the popular Monument® and Basalt® colours to the timeless Classic Cream® or Woodland Grey®. You can customise the finish of even the most straightforward shed.

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Custom Design Sheds

BGi Building Group offers clients a complete solution to all their building needs through our design and construction service.


From inception, BGi has collaborated with clients to prepare initial concept drawings for costing and planning consideration.


By using BGi Design & Construct services, clients will benefit from our cost-effective designs while ensuring the highest quality control level.

We can design and construct anything from a primary 6 x 6 shed to a multi-bay commercial storage unit.


Our flexible and efficient design software allows for the ultimate custom shed design while minimising waste materials. We can supply a single, double, or triple bay shed. We can design a four-car, five-car, or six-car garage. We can engineer and construct whatever specific combination you need for the life you live.


The BGi design team are experts in custom sheds and can incorporate the following options into most of our shed designs:


  • Motorised, chain-pulled and manual roller door options

  • Standard PA and sliding door options

  • Mezzanine floors for clever storage space

  • Dividing walls

  • Multiple sheeting options

  • A range of temperature control options

BGi works closely with the council and regulatory bodies to ensure your project gets the appropriate approval.

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Car Sheds

A car shed offers a safe and secure location to store and protect your valuable and often expensive assets.

Car sheds can be built to the required size to store your car, caravan, camper trailer or boat.  

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A BGi car shed is an enclosed garage with the flexibility to house much more than just a vehicle or two. With workshop functionality and garage accessibility, a car shed offers much more protection and range.

Whether you need to store your car, caravan, camper trailer or boat, BGi can design and build a car shed to suit. 

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Residential - domestic sheds 23.jpg


A garaport is a GARAge with a carPORT attached, offering undercover, internal, and external options for various uses.


A garaport can often be perfect for residential and commercial spaces, offering flexibility and protection.


BGi will custom design your garaport to your requirements, ensuring you have exactly what you need now and for the future.

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BGi Workshops and lined sheds.jpg

Workshop & Lined Sheds

Whether you're looking for extra workspace in the backyard, a man cave or she shed, or expanding a business with an upgraded workshop, BGi can tailor the perfect solution.

Add style, function, convenience and value with our custom workshops and lined shed range.

All BGi designs offer a range of Colorbond® colour options, varied roof styles and premium finishes. For whatever purpose, we can design the solution.  

Some options for your workshop or lined shed may include:

  • Insulated roof and walls

  • Additional height for a hoist

  • Mezzanine for storage

  • Partition walls

  • Internally lined walls

  • Custom windows and doors