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BGi Building Group offers clients a complete solution to all their building needs through our Design and Construct service.

Right from the inception of an idea, BGi works with clients to prepare initial concept drawings for costing and planning consideration. By using BGi Design & Construct services, clients will benefit from our cost-effective designs whilst ensuring the highest level of quality control. BGi works closely with council and regulatory bodies to ensure your project gains the appropriate approval.

Explore our tailored design & construct process to help guide your next project.

  • 1. Concept Drawings & Design
    After meeting with our experienced building consultants, we can then generate concept drawings of your project. Once our client approves the design, construction drawings are implemented ready for project commencement. Let our experienced designers use their experience in construction, to produce clear, easy to read and detailed documents for your next building project.
  • 2. Engineering Design
    BGi has a relationship with several engineering companies, allowing us to source cost effective design, which in turn reduces the overall cost of each project. We are able to advise our engineers on design and layouts using our experience in the building industry, and work closely with them to optimise building cost verse engineering requirements.
  • 3. Fire, Electrical & Mechanical Design
    BGi deals with and manages several design consultants to ensure your project ticks all the boxes when it comes to complying with Building Codes of Australia. We closely work with both the CFS and MFS involving these parties at the start of each relevant project. All documents are extensive and provide certifiers with all the information they require to process and approve your project.
  • 4. Council Development & Approval
    BGi works closely with all local Councils to ensure your building application passes through all levels of assessment. We have a relationship with planners and building offices who we consult prior to submitting any non – standard works to eliminate unforeseen hold up or delays. If you require planning approval to assess the viability of a project we can stage approval to suit needs and budgets.
  • 5. Construction
    BGi has extensive experience in the construction phase having the ability to act as project manager and builder. Detailed programs of works are generated at the start of larger projects to ensure your investment runs on time and within budget. We have a wide range of subcontractors who have expertise in a wide range of trades. Sub-contractors are managed closely to ensure the greatest quality of workmanship and all contractors who work extensively for BGi are externally audited under our Integrated Management System which is certified to all relevant Australian and international standards.
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