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Barrel Sheds

With a core business and long history in the famous Barossa wine region, BGi Building Group has worked with many vigneron's and wineries over the years and continues to apply our knowledge & learnings on improved steel design to suit the wine industry.

Whether you need an operation for storage, production, cellaring, brand representation or all of the above, BGi has a solution and the expertise to help.


The center of every vineyard is the winery building, and wine storage shed. These buildings must be big enough for all your wine barrels and produce needs. Our team specialises in the design and construct of customised solutions that store your product and machinery securely.

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Winery & Vineyard - Winery Processing Sheds Rosenvale 2.jpg
Winery & Vineyard - Winery Processing Sheds Rosenvale 2.jpg

Winery Processing Sheds

A winery storage shed protects wine barrels and produces through temperature control. 

A BGi winery operations building will ensure that grapes and produce are maintained at the correct temperature while allowing a customer-friendly design.

Carefully considered designs factoring in light, air quality and high ceilings create a practical and polished result for customers and staff alike.


BGi will design and construct an outcome that meets the highest standards, is carefully designed, and is built to last.

Barossa Valley Estate Cellar Door 24.jpg
Barossa Valley Estate Cellar Door 24.jpg

Cellar Doors

A cellar door embodies the heart and soul of a winery; it is the first touchpoint between your brand and your customer.


We know first impressions count, so as a bespoke fitted area for tastings and storytelling, BGi work closely with wineries – new and established – to design and construct a tailored solution to bring your brand to life.​

Whether the brief is to design a refurbishment that celebrates existing historical characteristics, or to craft contemporary new builds and additions, BGi has the solution for you.

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Barrel Sheds

Barrel Sheds are an important part of your winery set up. 


We know your product needs to be stored securely and at a constant temperature year round.

With double cladding options and insulated wall and ceiling systems available.

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A wine storage shed must be tall enough to hold your barrels and barrel racks. By increasing the height of your wine storage shed, you can increase storage capacity whilst ensuring enough floor space for production requirements and machinery manoeuvrability. BGi will ensure the design allows column placements suited to storage requirements and accessibility.

Options for design include:


  • Insulated wall and ceiling systems up to R5

  • Double skin cladding

  • Column placements suited to barrel storage patterns and barrel-washing equipment

  • Maximised barrel storage heights

  • Easy-clean wall and ceiling lining systems

  • A visual design that reflects your style

Yalumba Storage Shed 8.jpg
Yalumba Storage Shed 8.jpg

Machinery & Implementation Sheds

Your workshop and machinery storage is key to your business.

With extensive knowledge and experience in the wine industry, BGi Building Group has the expertise to design and deliver customisable solutions to suit your needs.

BGi can assist in size recommendations for your shed based on factors such as the machinery required for storage, and provide suggestions for future-proofing.

​A shed is customisable from the ground up, so future-proofing at the design phase is critical.


This process might involve assessing the size and considering future development for use and planning to save money. Our experienced team knows how to design the perfect-sized shed to suit your needs, providing a completely tailored solution.

Cellar Doors
Machinery & Implementation Sheds