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Rockford Wines Krondorf Shed

Client: Rockford Wines

Project Type: Commercial

Location: Tanunda, South Australia

Project Summary:

BGI Building Group was engaged in designing and building a custom shed for Rockford Wines that nestled into the side of a hill in Krondorf. BGI ensured the building's orientation and roof angle would be best suited for solar panels.

The building was sunk into the landscape to minimise its appearance in the historical context, and a 30-degree roof pitch gave the building a historical impression.

The building was built into the side of a hill with precast concrete walls. Walls were then finished with heritage galvanised corrugated iron and Western Red Cedar timber cladding.

The timber cladding has been intentionally left unsealed to grey off and seamlessly blend into its surroundings slowly. The building has a mezzanine level with a monowills handrail for an increased storage area.


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